Title Searches and Documents

One of the number one things that slows down a real estate investor is a title issue. These issues can arise after purchasing a property — such as when purchasing from a trustee or sheriff’s sale — or when purchasing for cash without a title policy. They can also occur pre-closing when you discover that the seller has thousands of dollars in IRS liens or other judgments affecting the property. Although these issues can never be fully avoided, one of the best ways to mitigate these risks is by obtaining title searches early on for all of your properties.

We work quickly and can provide most title searches within 2-3 business days of receiving a request. This helps to ensure that you get the answers you need quickly before putting a lot of money into the transaction. Moreover, we can provide more customized services, such as simply searching court dockets or pulling legal pleadings or deeds when you need a little more information about something going on with a property.

Additionally, unlike many title companies, we can provide legal advice on the issues that come up in your title reports or court documents. Therefore, we are there if you wonder what something means or what your options are for removing a title defect.

You can order a title search by creating an account on our Qualia Connect platform.